We run a company – so you don't have to!

Who: International consultants, project managers, online merchants
What: Your service company to invoice and contract with your clients
Why: To save you the cost and time of running your own company, bookkeepers, audit etc, minimize your Corporate Tax and VAT, and enjoy cool features such as Xero Online Accounting
Where: Hubconsult is a Hong Kong company - your corporate HQ wherever you are working.
How: Simply Subscribe below. Free Trials also available!

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Finally a company with all of the essential

tools and features you would expect for your business!

Your HK company is ready to use. Fully compliant, we use Xero online accounting

and bank with HSBC in 13 major currencies. ..!

Simple and very effective.

Hubconsult’s SMART Company is a company designed

by consultants for consultants from the ground up…



Hubconsult SMART Company solution means you can have the  benefits of using a company at a fraction of the cost of establishing and running your own! That’s great news for controlling overhead costs!

  • lower company set-up costs
  • no more monthly bookkeepers costs – all your online accounting is done using Xero
  • your annual audit and filing of company accounts is covered by your subscription
  • your Corporate Tax, and VAT rates will be zero (i)
  • Very modest subscription and invoicing fees
  • Expected increase of Profit after Tax (PAT) of 25 or more%

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Table 1: Your Potential Savings
You Hubconsult Member Potential Saving
Set-up costs
Your company set-up costs 1,000 100 1,000
Annual Cost
Your assumed fee turnover p.a. 100,000 100,000
Your monthly bookkeeper costs (x12) 2,400 2,400
Your annual accounting and filing costs (Note 1) 1,000 300 700
Profit before Tax (PBT) 96,600 99,700 3,100
Your Corporate Tax rate % (Note 2) 25 0 25
Profit after Tax (PAT) 72,450 99,700 27,250
Hubconsult 1% service fee 1,000 -1,000
Comparison of retained income** 72,450 98,700 26,250
Set-up cost saving (one-off) 1,000
Annual cost and taxation saving 26,250
Hubconsult saves you after first year 27,250
Note 1: Based on €25 per month 5 Year subscription (recommended)
Note 2: 25% Corporate Tax provided as an estimate only. It may differ in your country.

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Hubconsult celebrates over a decade of successful implementation of projects, having worked with international donors, consulting companies and hundreds of freelance experts.

Here are some of the nice things you have said about our Smart Company solution.

Hospitality Industry PMI consultant

Consultant nationality: Norwegian

Sector: Hotel Industry

Country: Europe, Middle East and Asia


Espen is a Client Support Manager to implement Performance Management

PMI to the hospitality industry, across a range of countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia for d20.



“the great thing about Hubconsult is that it allows me to use a company without having to run my own – much more cheaply, and I don’t have to worry about setting up a company, accounts, auditing, filing and so on – so it also saves me a lot of time too. I can invoice and get paid in different currencies which go through the company smoothly every month.”



Textile startup – Romania


Consultant nationality: Romanian

Sector: Textiles

Country of service: International


Adina operates a successful textile business called Designer for Kids. Hubconsult also supports this small business in its efforts to support children in need.



“I am interested in using Hubconsult to market my product around the world. By managing where I realise my margin, Hubconsult allows me to invest in new advertising channels and higher quality manufacturing processes and remain competitive. Every investment will bring more business, new clients and increase value for the brand. Having my accounts online with Xero accounting is also a great – I was going to subscribe to Xero anyway but it is included as part of the Hubconsult subscription in multiple currencies. For international transactions this tool is a must have!” 


UNDP Climate Change project – Costa Rica

Consultant nationality: Australian

Sector: Climate and Environment

Country of service: Costa Rica


Having subscribed to Hubconsult in 2016, Conrad has both bid on projects using Hubconsult as his corporate vehicle, and has also invoiced his client using Hubconsult, UNDP to implement a project in Costa Rica.



“I didn’t want the responsibility of setting up a company, paying bookkeepers to keep on top of monthly accounts, so Hubconsult has allowed me to avoid all of that. Anyway, it has been much cheaper just to let Hubconsult take care of that for me, so I have been able to spend more time on my clients and myself! Working as a consultant for different international organisations, being paid in either US$, €, £, or even Aus$, it is great that Hubconsult allows me to invoice and get paid in these different currencies without losing lots of fees in currency conversions. Probably the best thing though is that I can bid on a project on my own or in a team through Hubconsult which is already structured efficiently for my consulting business.”



€900 for 3 years use of Hubconsult (recommended 3 Year Plan) – that’s less than the cost of running your own company for 1 year!

The longer you subscribe for, the cheaper it is.

No minimum contract or hidden extras.

No lock-in or penalty for leaving.

2 simple fees:

Subscription fee from as little as €20 per month (5 Year Plan).

Invoice fee from as little as 1%.

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Important Notes:

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Table 3: Service Fees
Frequency (Years) One Three Five Ten
With subscription (5) 3.0% 2.5% 2% 1%
You save! 0.5% 1% 2%
Without subscription In this case, the 3% Free Trial service fee is applied, and no subscription fee. Just contact us to activate.
Note 4: A service fee is deducted only once from the amount deposited to Hubconsult against your invoice, grant fund payment, contract advance etc.

To feel comfortable with the service, you may try the Smart Company Solution* for free for 6 months without subscribing.  Simply send us an enquiry using the Free Trial button.

(For the first 3 months, no subscription fee or service fee is applied. In the second 3 months, only the service fee is applied and deducted from your invoice.)

Thereafter, you choose a subscription plan.

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Buongiorno! Pleased to meet you! I’m Nick.
So a bit about me, the founder, and our fantastic team…

I’m a consultant too – an international development economist and accountant for over 20 years. You may see my profile here:

Hubconsult’s Smart Company Solution evolved from my own personal experience working in so many countries around the world (I am now up to 94!). You’ll find me in Italy, UK (where I am from), or maybe in an airport! (Drop me a line, if you think our paths may cross..!)

Speaking to many consultants, I heard several frustrations, ones which they wished there was a solution to:

  • The expense of book-keepers
  • The huge amount of time is takes to manage company admin
  • Cost and hassle of year-end audits, completing and filing Annual Returns
  • The bureaucracy and fees involved in opening and maintaining a registered company
  • The huge loss of earnings from taxes and VAT
  • Difficulty in keeping accounting systems up to date when on the move
  • Lengthy process to open a company bank account and so on
  • Difficulty in bidding on projects on one’s own without sufficient project references

So we worked on bringing you a solution that makes more sense for you, at a sensible price – the Hubconsult Smart Company Solution – and designed with international consultants in mind!

I started Hubconsult back in 2002 offering technical assistance on donor-funded projects both as a contractor and sub-contractor. Having just returned from volunteering with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) on a USAID-funded Rural Business Programme for an NGO in Eastern Zambia, I was invited to bid on a tender on a donor funded project in China. To my amazement, the bid won! And so, Hubconsult was launched…

Since then Hubconsult has won several projects as a Europeaid Framework Contract consortium partner, with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Lux Development and with UK Government grant funds sending small teams of consultants on missions.

I have also worked on numerous projects in the field of international development myself as a sub-contractor – on corporate governance, public finance, Budget Support, Monitoring and Evaluation, strategic planning in a variety of sectors such as justice, Rule of Law, energy and agricultural commodity value chains (sugar, coffee etc). The main clients have been Europeaid (as well as its contractors), and other organisations such as FAO, UNDP, DfID, ADB and IFAD.  In Europe, Africa, Asia, Central America and Caribbean – that’s a lot of airports!