3 days to set up a business and bank account, wherever you are!

Setting up a business is time-sensitive. And you have nothing of value until you have receive everything you need. For example, a company without a business bank account is of little use – and if you start signing contracts before the bank account is in place, then you risk leaving clients and suppliers in a very awkward situation.

Surveys reveal the wide divergence in times it takes to register a company, receive the required documentation and then open a bank account. There are many steps in the process and of course they can vary widely across the world. Waiting in queues, stamps, notarised documents, posting originals, long-winded applications to open a business bank account, ineffective bank opening procedures, Government restructuring, holidays and so on, all lead to long and costly delays in getting started.

Some of you have told us of your personal experience – and some surveys, such as OECD surveys reiterate these findings.

Fortunately, for those of you contemplating opening a business, the process with Hubconsult takes 3 days including the bank account, including all our Know your Customer checks. We know we can deliver what you need in 3 days.

Now that’s impressive!

Get this first step in growing your business and you can threaten your professional credibility and your business relationship with your client so it pays to start off well!

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