Audit, ad hoc queries

Another call from John:

“the accountant again – now he is wearing a different hat. I am having to wrestle with why I made some payments 11 months ago, 7 months ago, and find the invoices. I’ve also got to provide a letter for the drawings I made on the company account. Then someone is asking me to confirm if an outstanding invoice has been paid by a debtor’s circularisation. The accountant doesn’t have everything in his head like the old one. Then I got the invoice when I finally got the draft-audited accounts, which still seem to over-estimate my profit! Another €1,850 + VAT, and that’s just for my little business!”

Not only is he sailing with the anchor down, I thought, but also he is trying to tow someone else’s boat!

So I showed him Simply put,

you don’t need to do any of the accounting apart from issue some invoices which you can all do online. And auditing is not your problem at all. No company secretarial queries, no queries all of the time from bookkeepers and auditors, no invoices for extra professional support. Just delegate the whole thing, and save money in the process. It’s a no-brainer, especially when it costs as little as €1 per day!

I told him – he could check out for himself the savings with the handy little Cost Savings Calculator – he was quite impressed with the savings! It was worth it just for the admin cost savings alone, let alone the tax saved and all the other features it includes. I showed him the features on the Sign-up page. He liked it!

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