Smart Company Solution

Hubconsult’s Smart Company Solution allows you to use Hubconsult as your own company for invoicing and contracting  – soooo much simpler and cheaper than setting up your own company!

Using our low-cost, tax-efficient service company in Hong Kong, you have the features you need to do business more efficiently:

  1. Business owners: save cost and time – all the benefits of owning a company at a fraction of the cost and time of running one!
  2. Consultants: Invoice your clients as a subcontractor – quote Hubconsult on your invoices and ask us to pay you wherever you like.
  3. Projects owners: when bidding for your consulting project, or when you have been awarded the project, ask your client to contract with you through Hubconsult: set your Corporate Tax and VAT rates to zero from the start of the project!
  4. Grant Managers: Grant projects managed by many Trust Funds are subject to management fees as high as 7% or more. Hubconsult can provide much better value for money – much lower fees and far more prompt accounting information.

Many consultants told us that you were interested in a more effective invoicing solution. Why? Because your primary interest is your business, not running a company.

To be eligible to join us, we look for a good fit with our existing membership. Our members have solid professional reputations in their sectors verified by their peers via LinkedIn.

As a subscriber, you will be doing some social good too. For example, reducing the admin cost of managing grant funds will help grant managers to devote more scarce resources to important development causes in fields such as nutrition, health, education, and human rights. We are also exploring how we can identify beneficiaries-in-need to provide this tool for free as a step towards supporting their livelihood and income generation.