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Hubconsult’s SMART Company is the only company solution designed explicitly for and trusted by the international freelance community

And international freelancers are not the only community who can benefit greatly from using Hubconsult …


International freelancers – “invoicing my clients in different locations and currencies became much less complicated. I no longer need to worry about company admin, corporate taxation and VAT, while the low fees save me a lot of money!”

International online sellers – “with our products, and our customers on Amazon, coming from different countries, Hubconsult’s multi-currency bank account in HK is reflects the diversity of our business! Xero online accounting is already included which is also tailor-made for e-commerce and I ask for a P&L at any time on my business anytime.”

Crowdfunders  and startups – “we needed an international and credible destination for project fundraising. Using such a reputable international business-friendly destination is a bonus for us.”

Multi-partner donor funds  and charities– “ we need a reliable location to pool our grants before onward transmission to beneficiaries across the globe, without paying high management fees”

Project bidders, teams and collaborators – “we didn’t need to waste time establishing a new company structure when our new team wanted to bid on a project. We just got started with Hubconsult straight away.

Recruiters – “our recruiting clients and candidates are international in nature, so Hubconsult’s global location and is a great fit, whatever currency we work in.”