Peace of mind: your back-office taken care of!

Just had a call from Sarah:

“A consortium partner asked me if I would like to bid with them on a project the other day. It looked exciting – the sort of client I want to start working with to get my business moving.

But then an urgent email came in from the accountant, who needed some information from me to update the final accounts to be filed to the tax authorities. Then a few days later he needed more information for the VAT return.

(Invoices had to be submitted with some calculation and proof that the exchange rate was accurate. This despite the fact that the bookkeeper gets paid €200-€300 per month, quite apart from the cost of running the company secretarial service itself.)

The point is I never did got round to apply for that project – I lost a week keeping the bookkeeper happy.”

It’s a classic example of the back-office overcoming the creative side of the business – it’s like sailing with the anchor down – not much fun and you don’t go anywhere!

So by passing that company admin to Hubconsult you get your valuable time back, and gain peace of mind…Quite apart from the money you can save. 

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