€900 for 3 years use of Hubconsult (recommended 3 Year Plan) – that’s less than the cost of running your own company for 1 year!

The longer you subscribe for, the cheaper it is.

No minimum contract or hidden extras.

No lock-in or penalty for leaving.

2 simple fees:

Subscription fee from as little as €20 per month (5 Year Plan).

Invoice fee from as little as 1%.

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Important Notes:

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Table 3: Service Fees
Frequency (Years) One Three Five Ten
With subscription (5) 3.0% 2.5% 2% 1%
You save! 0.5% 1% 2%
Without subscription In this case, the 3% Free Trial service fee is applied, and no subscription fee. Just contact us to activate.
Note 4: A service fee is deducted only once from the amount deposited to Hubconsult against your invoice, grant fund payment, contract advance etc.

To feel comfortable with the service, you may try the Smart Company Solution* for free for 6 months without subscribing.  Simply send us an enquiry using the Free Trial button.

(For the first 3 months, no subscription fee or service fee is applied. In the second 3 months, only the service fee is applied and deducted from your invoice.)

Thereafter, you choose a subscription plan.

In deciding how long to sign up for, consider that the online subscription fee and the service fee deducted from your invoice are discounted when you sign up for longer. In any case, since you will be planning to be a consultant, or run your business over the long term, then a longer term plan is likely to make the most sense for you. That is why we suggest subscribing for at least 3 years , which costs less than €1 per month (i.e. around the price of your morning cappuccino, a very low subscription fee!) and keeps your service fee to a minimum.

* Hubconsult works with new Members who strengthen our community of experts, consultants, startups and providers. We look for example for a verified LinkedIn profile and business practices which we believe make a positive contribution to society. Hubconsult reserves the right to refuse a new user (may also be called subscriber, member or associate) or refuse to approve transactions which do not pass its due diligence, or for whatever other reason. The user is paid only if and when Hubconsult is paid. Hubconsult takes no responsibility for the user’s performance during or outside of the contract, and does not intervene in the case of goods or services provided by the user to the client etc. Neither the user nor their client or any third party may make any claim against Hubconsult in regard to the user’s performance or delivery under the contract or invoice.