Reap the benefit of simpler business start-up

We know there are valid reasons why the authorities make you pay another visit, and stand in more queues, make you chase after that next document or certificate to complete your company application. 

And then the banks too have their reasons for the long delays you often experience in getting your company bank account finally approved. 

But there is a simpler way. Our 3 day promise – with Hubconsult you have both your company set-up and bank account ready for you in just 3 days!

Because, we have already done it. We just need to carry out the KYC checks on you and your business and you’re ready to use Hubconsult to contract and invoice with your clients as you normally would.

Still your business, your brand, your clients, nothing taken away. But a lot added.

And of course, having set up your business using Hubconsult, then we keep it simple for you – as we carry on running the company so you carry on running your business. 

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