UNDP Climate Change project – Costa Rica

Consultant nationality: Australian

Sector: Climate and Environment

Country of service: Costa Rica


Having subscribed to Hubconsult in 2016, Conrad has both bid on projects using Hubconsult as his corporate vehicle, and has also invoiced his client using Hubconsult, UNDP to implement a project in Costa Rica.



“I didn’t want the responsibility of setting up a company, paying bookkeepers to keep on top of monthly accounts, so Hubconsult has allowed me to avoid all of that. Anyway, it has been much cheaper just to let Hubconsult take care of that for me, so I have been able to spend more time on my clients and myself! Working as a consultant for different international organisations, being paid in either US$, €, £, or even Aus$, it is great that Hubconsult allows me to invoice and get paid in these different currencies without losing lots of fees in currency conversions. Probably the best thing though is that I can bid on a project on my own or in a team through Hubconsult which is already structured efficiently for my consulting business.”