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Safe and secure company infrastructure

check-whiteSecure HSBC business banking.

check-whiteSecure, prudent and transparent company.

check-whiteYour project funds safe and segregated.

check-whiteOnly you can make transfer instructions.


Peace of mind. Company admin all done

check-whiteBookkeeping, accounts maintained daily.

check-whiteAll audit and filing deadlines met.

check-whiteCheaper than running a company yourself.


Project Contracting

check-whiteFocus on your project bids, using Hubconsult as your contract partner.

check-whiteFor you, your project or grant.

check-whiteYou control your project, with full client responsibility.


Project Invoicing

check-whiteInvoice your client from Hubconsult.

check-whiteChoose from 13 major currencies (HSBC Business Account).

check-whiteEscrow option available.

check-whiteYou invoice Hubconsult. Get paid gross.


XERO Accounting Services

check-whiteIssue client invoices directly.

check-whiteFull transparent reporting when you need it.

check-whiteOnline accounting in multiple currencies.

check-whiteAccess your own mini P&L.


Save Tax and Overhead

check-white0% Company Tax and VAT rates.

check-whiteNo company management costs.

check-whiteLow subscription and service fees.

Xero Features


If your projects are international, then chances are Hubconsult is for you...


International Freelancers

“I invoice from Hubconsult. Company admin, corporate taxation and VAT are eliminated, while the low fees save me a lot of money! I can use Hubconsult with escrow protection with my clients too, in 13 major currencies."


International online sellers

“Xero online accounting is already included. So, I can receive a mini P&L for our ecommerce business at any time."


Crowdfunders and Startups

“We needed an international and credible destination for project fundraising held in an escrow account. Asia is an exciting location for that."


Multi-partner donor funds and charities

“We wanted a better-value alternative to the high management fees of UN MPTF for our next grant cycle. With all of the monitoring reports we need."


Project bidders, teams and collaborators

“Our project team got started with Hubconsult straight away without the delay of establishing a new company structure.”



“Our recruiting clients and candidates are all over the world, so Hubconsult’s global location is a perfect fit .”


Hubconsult SMART Company solution will control your overheads, and free up time for you!

Lower company set-up costs

Your annual audit and filing of company accounts is covered by your subscription

Very modest subscription and services fees

No more monthly bookkeepers costs - all online accounting is updated using Xero

Your Corporate Tax and VAT rates will be zero (i)

Expected increase of Profit after Tax (PAT) of 25% or more

Here is an example of potential savings, based on €100k annual turnover:

item (€) you Hubconsult member potential saving
Set-up costs
1,000 100 1,000
Assumed fee turnover (per annum) 100,000 100,000
Average annual bookkeeper costs 2,400 2,400
Average annual cost of accounting, audit and filing Annual Return (Note 1) 1,000 300 700
Profit before Tax (PBT) 96,600 99,700 3,100
Your Corporate Tax (Note 2) 25 0 25
Profit after Tax (PAT) 72,450 99,700 27,250
Hubconsult 2% service fee 1,000 -1,000
Comparison of retained income** 72,450 98,700 26,250
Set-up cost saving (one-off) 1,000
Annual cost and taxation saving 26,250
Typical annual saving of Hubconsult Member 27,250
Note 1: Based on €25 per month 3 year plan
Note 2: 25% Corporate Tax provided as an estimate only. It may differ in your country





check-blueSimple, user-friendly application form (expected time 10 mins)

check-blueIdentity and business checks for your safety

check-blueDue diligence checks for your protection

check-blueA relationship based on mutual trust

check-blueOnce approved, we invite you by email to complete payment (Paypal)



Choose your plan *

Once you've submitted your details, we will approve your application (individual) and provide you with a quotation (Corporate)

Individual pricing
Free Trial
per month

3% Service fee

12 months
per month

2.5% Service fee

36 months
per month

2% Service fee

60 months
per month

1% Service fee

Organisation pricing
Tailored package

The pricing for Organisations ranges from the same as Individual pricing up to 2X the Individual Pricing rates above (depending on complexity and value of the transactions). Please use the application form and we will get back to you with a quotation. Thank you!


- All plans are paid in advance.

- If you are not 100% satisfied, you may cancel at any time. The unused full years of your subscription will be refunded to you immediately.

- A Xero Project Account can also be added to your subscription. See benefits.



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