8-reasons why hubconsult

Hubconsult is a company you can use as a Member, rather than setting up or managing your own. The advantages are the cost and time you will save. It is important, therefore, that you have confidence in our fiduciary responsibility.

Here are just some of the controls to keep your business assets secure:

First, before accepting to work with a Member, we employ strict Know your Customer (KYC) criteria. We need to know who you are and the nature of your business and the client. This assures that we maintain a complementary and professional network maintaining standards of legality and ethics.

Second, there are several lines of defence to protect Hubconsult and to protect your liability.

  • Contracts specify that the Member's client agrees that Hubconsult is providing a service company solution only and is responsible for any claims brought it for the services provided by the Member.
  • Members may be required to take out Personal Indemnity Insurance (PII) as extra protection.
  • Members shall indemnify Hubconsult against any claims arising from its client or third parties.

Third, the company itself has restricted authorised signatories and users. Once Hubconsult authorises you to issue invoices, only you can then authorise them.

Fourth, our Xero accounting portal has strict access controls. If you choose to have a Xero Project account, only you will have access to your project data.

Fifth, Hubconsult authorisation control and HSBC’s own password protection and Anti-Money Laundering controls ensure full control over payments.

Sixth, our accounts are prepared and then audited in Hong Kong using Internationally Accepted Accounting standards. Our accountants are ICAEW qualified.

Seventh, we bank with HSBC in Hong Kong, with a 13 currency business account. We believe this is the most secure business bank available for our users.

Eighth, in the event of a concern or worry, please speak to us and we will do our best to address it.

We welcome you to our Free Trial where you will not be charged a subscription fee. Then, you can see for yourself how the service fits your needs.

Our business depends on our reputation – and our reputation only - so we will always aim to put you first! You can put your trust in us.