High tax rates threatening your survival? Good news! Zero CT and VAT rates for your international business

The main reason why our users come to Hubconsult is the sheer convenience of not having to establish or run a company themselves. Hubconsult is a company that you can use yourself as yours, once you have applied and been accepted. No more company administration, bookkeeping. The accounting and audit is all done for you. And of course, because of that, you are up and running quickly. It's attractive to all sorts of Individual Members (like freelancers, digital nomads) or Corporate Members (for more than one person, projects, crowdfunding, different types of international businesses, multi-partner trust funds, etc.)

If you or your project or business are truly multi-country in nature, spanning more than one country, and if you need to choose a location which is more efficient for you fiscally, then Hubconsult is well-located for that too. Zero CT and VAT rates on our exports give your business a competitive start, and allowing you to expand, employ more staff, allow you to invest in environmental and climate safeguards, and indeed pay more personal taxes in your country of residence!

And with the savings they make, our Members contribute voluntarily towards social, environmental and community causes. And that, at the end of the day, is what the Hubconsult Community want to achieve - to be a social business, wherever you are.

Hubconsult . Your company in the cloud .

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