Russell meets Ricardo: a lesson from the philosophers

We spend a huge amount of energy in striving to keep our clients happy and deliver outputs they are happy with. In the process, various hurdles and distractions stand in our way such as company administration, answering questions from our bookkeeper, which ultimately means that close-laptop time gets pushed later and later. And so, the things we dream of doing get pushed to tomorrow or next week, next year. 

We want our company to serve us - but too often, we become a slave to our company, trying to keep up with the admin...

The great philospher Bertrand Russell's recognised In Praise of Idleness the trade off between this time spent at work and our leisure time. Our "idle" time is when the magic happens. In the eponymous essay, Russell argued that our involvement in the arts and sciences could increase if only we could share work more evenly between us.

Hubconsult's Smart Company solution favours a Ricardian division of labour - let us do those boring tasks such as running a company for you, while you get on with pursuing your dreams - whether it is to play the guitar, volunteer in the community, write your first book, work on that film project or spend time more time with your family. These are our higher goals, no matter how rewarding we find our work.

As you can see, whether you are a digital nomad, a freelancer, an import-exporter, project manager  or a recruiter, you can take advantage of our company in the cloud to: 

- to save your time spent on company administration, ideally delegating it to someone else

- to reduce your company overhead cost

- to get on with your projects

Indeed, economies of scale not only mean that we can save your time, but we can perform those tasks better, and at better value to you too. For less than you spend on coffee each day, you can have peace of mind and put your feet up! 

Now that's a philosophy you might want to try..! Try it for free today!

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