10 benefits of using a Smart Company solution to bid on your next project

10 benefits of using a Smart Company solution to bid on your next project

Hubconsult believes that for many international business owners, project managers and freelancers, the process of establishing and managing process of companies is inefficient and cumbersome - costly and time consuming, and could be done better.

You may have read some of the 8 things to watch out for before setting up a company. We told you how Hubconsult can provide you with a Smart Company solution which gives you the company infrastructure your business needs. How does that work? You can use Hubconsult, rather than setting up and running your own company.

When you apply to a tender, or bid on a project, one of the advantages of applying from a company which already has a track-record in bidding and which can can demonstrate that it has financial systems in place, audited accounts and a strong network, you already hit the ground running!

Hubconsult runs a company so you don't have to!

The benefits should speak for themselves. Here we just list them:

  1. Business address
  2. Business bank account (multiple currency)
  3. All your accounts done for you online using Xero.com
  4. No more paying for bookkeeping and accounting
  5. No more audits
  6. No bookkeepers
  7. No VAT
  8. No Corporate Tax
  9. No more filing Annual Returns
  10. Sign up for as little or as long as you like

We should also add that it's a solution which you can use in many different ways. So long as your business is legal and ethical, you might use Hubconsult as a global consultant, digital nomad, or to manage a project with others in a team.

And there are many other uses too such as supporting a cause with crowdfunding, export-import, recruiting internationally, marketing your digital business and many more.

Hubconsult is already used and trusted by consultants just like you every day.

What we don't do:

  • interfere or take responsibility for your business (though we need to understand your business - if we are not interested in your business because we do not trust its legality or ethics, we will decline cooperation)
  • interfere or take responsibility for your personal tax affairs, which are entirely for your own responsibility.

And all for amazing value: as you will see plans start from less than €1 per day. Isn't that less than you spend on coffee every day?

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