Freelancer setting up a company? Take our 3-minute check...

Freelancer setting up a company? Take our 3-minute check...

Before you launch in and register your company, take a pause for a couple of minutes to see if that’s the best you can do.

Minute 1 – just read this…

You have worked hard on your professional qualifications, your services, building your products, marketing them, working with suppliers, extending your network and image of your business. You are great at the “front office”. That is what will drive your business, allowing you to expand and employ staff. That is the productive and interesting side of the business where your time is rewarded.

The “back-end” refers to a myriad of tasks, which suck time from this creative, interesting front-office side. When it comes to the whole company admin, accounts and auditing, you can cut your workload considerably, and save time and money by choosing a solution that is more effective.

Getting the whole business infrastructure set-up (company set-up, bank account) plus accounting and auditing, and a few other goodies besides can cost you less than €1 per day. Signing up with Hubconsult gets you up and running in 3 days, saves you admin cost and – what’s more – optimises your business tax too. 

And Minute 2 – take the test with our Cost Saving Calculator to see how much it will save you!

Now that wasn’t hard was it!

Minute 3: OK, why not spend another minute..

Perhaps most important, our time is our most finite resource. Spending that time more efficiently, delegating to us the dull task of running a company (we both know it, right?), is probably the most constructive thing you can do for your business or project - whether you are an individual or an organisation. Take a minute to think about that. 

Of course, you can try before you buy without any obligation. Either way, jump to the Apply button on so we get to know more about each other.