International coworkers - 6 benefits of using a

International coworkers - 6 benefits of using a "company in the cloud" as your corporate home

Hubconsult is a company designed for co-workers. Use Hubconsult as a member, rather than having the burden of setting up and managing a company yourself! Of course, the main benefits are cost and time you will save. But there is more to it than that! Here's a quick run-throug of the benefits:


Coworker Company issues Peace of mind with Hubconsult How it Works
1. Stress and Time! The responsibility of company secretarial and accounting deadlines falls on your shoulders By using Hubconsult, you have no company of your own to manage. You won't be bothered by accounting or audit either. We run a company so you don't have to! Eliminate the stress and save time, and gain peace of mind! You become a Member of Hubconsult's "company in the cloud" giving you the full benefits of having a professionally managed company without having to own one. You will enjoy the benefit of a company for all your project needs - invoicing and project account data accessible through our 24/7 Xero online portal, and payments through our multi-currency HSBC business account.
2. Cost of running a company of your own! Establishing a company, monthly bookkeeping, managing your accounts, accounting software, annual audit, annual returns - these all inflate your fixed and ongoing overhead costs. All of those costs are eliminated. Your overall cost for company administration will be slashed - you will see simply pay a low-cost, transparent and fixed membership fee (less than €1 per day) to Hubconsult. You can see what you will save by comparing your current costs against Hubconsult in the table on our website. The longer you plan ahead, the more you will save on the service fee. Free trials also available. You may exit when you like.
3. Not focusing enough on the creative business idea or project! Running a company diverts your energy away from your passion which sadly means that you ultimately achieve less. Hubconsult will relieve you of a lot of the boring but necessary company admin tasks. You will then stay fresher for your creative ideas, as well as develop new ones We run a company so you don't have to! You may also find synergies amongst our membership community!
4. Company credibility, references and experience are often a difficult obstacle for a freelancer or small business owner to overcome. It usually takes a long time and a lot of effort to build over many years. With Hubconsult's "company in the cloud" infrastructure supporting you, we have done much of the legwork for you - you hit the ground running with an established company, references and experience around the globe. It's there if you need if it supports your own brand or project. It is ideal for a short term project too, or to build a business over time. Hubconsult can discuss how you could leverage existing references or its own prequalification to bid on tenders (for example the UN Global Marketplace) if these will help your business development or marketing profile. It can also support you if needed with email addresses, use of logo, our blog platform for your business, etc.
5. Unable to compete on Corporate Tax and VAT: Complexity usually raises cost. The deductability of costs and allowances can be unclear or untransparent in many countries, requiring an expensive navigation of the rules with tax lawyers and accountants. Hubconsult has one of the most competitive Corporate Tax and VAT rates in the world. In many cases, these rates will be zero if your business qualifies. Hubconsult is incorporated in HK which is suitable for many global or multi-country projects. (Individuals will still be liable for their personal tax affairs based on their residence and status - seek professional advice.)
6. Complicated and lengthy business bank account opening procedures: Establishing a company does not necessarily mean being accepted for a business bank account of your choice. And some banks are far less stable than others. So you can expose yourself to all sorts of banking risks as well as loss of confidence from your clients. With Hubconsult, your company and HSBC business bank account is already established. Hence, you will again minimise your banking risk, and safeguard your reputation. Our application process includes KYC checks to verify the legality and ethics of our members' business and projects and to know more about our members. when you are approved, you are ready to start using Hubconsult!


Hubconsult can also form a partnership with your co-working spaces to showcase or feature some of your most innovative work. Please do connect with us to see how we can work together, simply via messenger on