Spending too much money on bookkeeping?   Great news! No more bookkeeping!

Spending too much money on bookkeeping? Great news! No more bookkeeping!

That's right. Hubconsult Members use Hubconsult as their company - so they don't even need to run their own company. We save them the cost and time of running a company! And that means no more bookkeeping! Great for international Individuals and Corporate Users alike!

Hubconsult Individual Members such as freelancers can draft their invoices online using Xero, upload their documents, while we make sure all of the accounting, auditing and running the company is done for you! Corporate Members have access to their own Xero Project Account.

We have met many freelancers and consultants who have complained of the high cost of monthly bookkeeping. So we know how much of a drain that can be...that's why we wanted to address that problem by taking advantage of economies of scale in accounting as well as company administration.

So how can that be possible?

Eliminate the cost and burden of running your own company - use your “company in the cloud”. Hubconsult provides you with a company for all your project needs - invoicing, payments, accounts, audit and company administration. 

  • 24/7 project management access via Xero online accounting
  • Full audit and compliance in Hong Kong for your peace of mind and tax efficiency
  • Entirely scaleable - suitable for freelancers or larger projects.
  • Free trial available; no lock-in contracts. 

So as far as bookkeeping is concerned, put your feet up. We'll keep on top of that as we go throughout the year, and may ask a couple of questions as part of the end-of-year audit, but paying monthly bookkeepers will be a thing of the past!

Start using Hubconsult for less than the cost of your morning coffee. Go to https://hubconsult.com/ to see how much you will save on your company admin!

Contact us on Messenger via our website today to claim your 25% discount on membership.

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