Digital nomad? Need a corporate home? Good news! Now you have one.

Hubconsult is a company you can use as a Member, rather than setting up or managing your own.

Yes, if you or your business operates in multiple countries, then you're in a position to choose where you're business is located in the world. And you have the added opportunity that you might be able to run your business without running your own company at all, because we can run it for you! Imagine - none of that costly, time-consuming, fiddly paperwork to sort out, leaving you more time to focus on your business or do the things you really want to do!

The advantages are the cost and time you will save. The best place to see the features and the savings you can make is right here at

However, here is a quick guide to get you started:  

Your Problem

Our Solution

How it Works

Your company's costs of admin, bookeeping, auditing, VAT and tax returns are much higher than they need be

All inclusive company admin, accounting and admin for as little as €1 per day + 1% of T/O

Your accounts and contracts online and economies of scale keeps your cost low

You waste far too much time answering company admin, accounting and audit queries etc, which stop you from getting on with your business

No more company secretarial, bookkeeping, auditing, company admin queries, VAT returns etc

Online input by you using our integrated Xero online accounting package. All your contracts signed online using Adobe esign. We do the company secretarial admin and the auditing,  – so we eliminate the back-office

Your business should be minimising its tax rate but it's not

Corporate Tax almost eliminated

Hubconsult incorporated in HK – contract and invoice through Hubconsult

It takes ages to get your business set-up with company papers and a bank account - so you lose business and clients in the process

With Hubconsult, you’re in business in just 3 days 

You sign up, we do KYC checks and then you’re good to go!.

Your business location has a poor reputation and its banks are not considered safe, so clients look to your competitors

Hubconsult has strict internal controls; we also bank with HSBC and operate in Hong Kong and the EU – a powerful combination that delivers business asset security.

Most trustworthy and efficient bank; very safe location with a proper regulatory regime; ICAEW financial audit; your client segregated account. No company debt. Strict controls on new Associates and contract review, risk management and indemnity ensures Hubconsult and your assets remain safe.

Is it right for me?

It is right for anyone who can take advantage of some or all of these benefits. Especially for non-employee, freelance consultants, physical and online businesses anywhere in the world.

You choose the right business location for you. Example: a French expert working for a Brazilian company to carry out a project in Mexico may use Hubconsult. A Turkish online importer from China. 

What should I do now?

If you have used the Calculate Savings tool, you will have seen the impressive saving you will make. Some will save on Corporate Tax, others will save on just the cost of bookkeeping, Company Secretarial and auditing. 


You may sign up straight away - we recommend the 5 Year Plan as it locks the price of all all of the features for less than €1 per day for the next 5 years, a good medium-term horizon for most businesses.

(restricted numbers at this price)

Or explore the FAQs, blogs, and have a think! And contact us if you're unsure!


So, any questions? Just ask us on the Chat function on Of course, you may also try before you buy too. We invite you to a free trial - meaning you can use the service without subscribing, so you can feel how it works. And even when you do subscribe, you can still leave at any time. You are not locked in. So we can't wait to hear from you!

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