International freelancer? Need a corporate home? Good news! Now you have one.

Hubconsult is a company you can use as a Member, rather than setting up or managing your own. The advantages are the cost and time you will save. It is important, therefore, that you have confidence in our fiduciary responsibility. 

Here are just some of the controls to keep your business assets secure:

       i.     First, the company itself has restricted authorised signatories and users. We have and will not have loans or overdrafts. 
       ii.    Second, we employ strict Know your Customer (KYC) criteria to accept you as our Member.
       iii.   Third, each Member is liable for his/her own contract and indemnifies Hubconsult. Each client and Member agrees to those terms explicitly.
       iv.   Fourth, out accounting portal has strict access controls. In any case, invoices must be authorised by Hubconsult as well as the Member.
       v.    Fifth, Hubconsult authorisation and HSBC’s own payment controls such as password protection and Anti-Money Laundering controls assure payment controls.
       vi.   Sixth, our accounts are prepared and then audited in Hong Kong using Internationally Accepted Accounting standards. Our accountants are ICAEW qualified. You will have access to your part of the accounts, which are prepared using our online accounting system, Xero (see
       vii.   Seventh, our bank will not fail. We bank with HSBC in Hong Kong, with a 13 currency business account.
       viii.  Eighth, in the event of a concern or worry, you can speak to us and we will discuss your specific concern. You can of course try and see for yourselves using modest size contracts. 

Our business depends on our reputation – and our reputation only - so we will always aim to put you first! You can put your trust in us. 

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