Looking for extra value to offer your clients? A compelling offer for them; and for you!

Looking for extra value to offer your clients? A compelling offer for them; and for you!

We are always interested in looking for partners and affiliates.

1. Partners - you will be interested in how we can help you promote your business, and how what we offer can be interesting to your clients. We are very interested in your ideas too, and how we can collaborate. For businesses we believe in, we will be happy to refer your business and for you to refer ours.  Positive reviews, likes, and shares on social media, but not forgetting recommending each other in the real world by word of mouth!  Hubconsult is after all a community of expertise.

Interested Partners should:

- have a complementary business to Hubconsult, perhaps in one of the sectors mentioned

- ideally operating in more than one country

- ideally a network or associations, subscription business.

- have an interest in reciprocal marketing

Interested partners should get in touch using the Chat button below!

2. Affiliates will be interested in generating revenue from offering a great product and adding value to individuals and organisations. 

For affiliates, the process is very transparent. When a new client applies, then they are invited to leave a name of who referred them? Naturally, they will be willing to leave yours! When their application is approved, they sign up to one of the plans (via Paypal, or we can agree to invoice them against their first sales invoice). You will be paid 20% of the value of a Subscription, or €100 for Free Trial subscribers, as soon as they make their first sales invoice is paid.

Interested affiliates should:

- have an interest in a particular sector,

- geographic location

- have some experience of marketing

Interested Affiliates should get in touch using the Chat button below!

What Hubconsult is of great value, in terms of monetary savings and time. We demonstrate this in our Savings Table. A quick reminder of the Hubconsult proposition:

Hubconsult is your company in the cloud, allowing you to use a company without having to run your own. We will give you a Project Account in Xero for raising your invoices through Hubconsult, and checking your P&L when you want. Let us worry about the whole headache of company administration while you get on with your business. As you will see from our articles, there are plenty of applications, both for individuals and organisations.

It is efficient, will save you lots of time and money, and help you make a great start impressing your clients! After all, for each of your projects, you may have a different team so a company is less nimble when you have to change the share structure yourself.

When you apply to Hubconsult, you will be asked to apply and provide us with some more information about you and your business as part of our Know your Customer (KYC) and Due Diligence checks. We need to know we are working with individuals and organisations. The Application Form may take you as little as 10 minutes.

When sufficient evidence is provided, your application is approved and you can get started. 

Try before you buy - yes

Free trials - yes

Leave any time - yes

Check us out at https://hubconsult.com/ and click the chat button if you have any questions!

Let Hubconsult be the company that powers your business!

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