5 ways Hubconsult supports charitable causes by reducing the cost of crowd-funding

5 ways Hubconsult supports charitable causes by reducing the cost of crowd-funding

Charity giving helps support important causes in different categories and countries. It is important for these beneficiaries to raise funds, and to minimise the transaction costs of doing so.

Many of these causes are global, or appeal to an audience in many countries.

One important consideration of crowdfunding sites is their commission rates.

Platform fees usually range from 4-5%, and when comparing crowdfunding websites, Fundly has the lowest fee of 4.9%. GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo all charge a 5% platform fee.

One of the reasons for this high commission rates is that those platforms themselves have high administration costs. We believe we can do better!

If you have a campaign which you would like to launch, then consider using Hubconsult:

You will be able to blog on our site, and promote it externally, and raise funds. Commission rates will only be charged at a maximum of 2%. If we believe we really want to support your campaign further, then we will reduce it, and not charge any commission at all for some or all of your campaign. We want to support your great community causes! After all, we have been working a long time in international development in all sorts of sectors ourselves!

Hubconsult is your company in the cloud, allowing you to use a company without having to run your own. We will give you a Project Account in Xero for raising your invoices through Hubconsult, and checking your P&L when you want. Let us worry about the whole headache of company administration while you get on with your business. It is efficient, will save you lots of time and money, and help you make a great start at getting your project or cause off the ground!

When you apply to Hubconsult, you will be asked to apply and provide us with some more information about you and your cause as part of our Know your Customer (KYC) and Due Diligence checks. We need to know we are working with genuine individuals and organisations. The Application Form may take you as little as 10 minutes.

When sufficient evidence is provided, your application is approved and you can get started. 

Try before you buy - yes

Free trials - yes

Leave any time - yes

Check us out at https://hubconsult.com/ and click the chat button if you have any questions!

Let Hubconsult powers your cause!

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