COVID19 Quiz - the Quiz for Grade 5 children, and lockdown protestors ;)

COVID19 Quiz - the Quiz for Grade 5 children, and lockdown protestors ;)

COVID QUIZ (Grade 5)

LOCKDOWN. Imagine a country called Sweden. It has no lockdown (17.3 deaths per 100,000 people) and has a death rates around 5 times its Nordic neighbours (e.g. a country called Norway death rate per capita at 3.37 deaths per 100,000) which has a lockdown... You can find the numbers in this article on the world wide web...:

Q1. Which is higher? 17.3 or 3.37?  So does the country with lockdown have a lower or higher death rate? (1 POINT)

Q2. If the lockdown is released, does the above suggest the death rate would go up or down? (1 POINT)

FLU The Centers for Disease Control in the US estimated that the seasonal flu killed 34,200 Americans during the 2018–19 flu season (a whole year). By April 20, the coronavirus had killed more than 42,000 Americans.

Q3. Which number is higher? 34,200 FLU or 42,000 COVID? (1 POINT)

4. The 42,000 COVID figure is not for a whole year like the FLU number. In fact, it is for just 1 month since March 2020. Would you expect the COVID figure by March 2021 (i.e. one whole year) to be higher or lower than for just one month (42,000)? (1 POINT)

IMMUNITY For the flu, we have some immunity since we have had it many times before? We also have a flu vaccine. For COVID19, we have not experienced this same virus before, and we have no vaccine. 

Q5. Should these factors make us more concerned about Flu or COVID? (1 POINT)


“If 70 percent of your population is infected with a disease, it is by definition not prevention. If 70 percent of an entire population gets sick, that means that between 0.35-0.7 percent of everyone in a country could die, which is a catastrophic outcome.”

With something like 10 percent of all infections needing to be hospitalised, you'd also see an enormous number of people very sick, which has huge implications for the country as well.”

Q6. Is the author a scientist? (1 POINT)

Q7. Do you know more or less about herd immunity than this scientist? (1 POINT)

Q8. Is the author recommending herd immunity? (1 POINT)


We all want COVID19 to be over soon. We all want the freedom to do as we please, as well as to work, make money again, go to the beach, have a party. So deciding when is the right time to end lockdown is a difficult decision and needs to be based on a consideration of the potential health risks as well as the economic and social benefits. Getting this decision wrong, however, may mean that the freedom we think we gain by ending lockdown puts us in a worse situation. Think about other instances of your freedom

  • Is anyone free to drink a bottle of whisky and drive their car
  • Should a country be free to invade another country?
  • Do you have the freedom to infect others because you can't be bothered to stay in?

Q9. Should there be no limitations at all on our freedom??? (1 POINT)


Q10. When your parents go outside and protest for their freedom, are they more likely or less likely to come into contact with other people and be infected or infect others? (1 POINT)

So there are 10 possible points...How well did you score? 

Please pass to your parents if they are out protesting, and see if they can do as well as you!


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