Does your crowdfunding platform charge you a fortune? Good news! Here's how to make it more cost-efficient

Does your crowdfunding platform charge you a fortune? Good news! Here's how to make it more cost-efficient

Raising money for your cause or project is not only important for fundraising but can help increase your exposure too. For the sake of your project,

- you want to retain as much of the proceeds as possible, and minimise commissions

- you want to know your proceeds are safe and secure

- you want to ensure they are segregated in your accounts

- you need accessible information about your funding online and 24/7

- your funds should be collectible in all major currencies

- you want to avoid complications with taxes and levies as you raise funds for your cause

- you want to be able to promote your campaign onsite and share as widely as you like, and know the information and media is yours

- all your funds are accessible whenever you need

That's where we can help. Hubconsult is your company in the cloud, allowing you to use a company without having to run your own. Yes, you can run your project without even owning a company!

We will give you a Project Account in Xero for raising your invoices through Hubconsult, and checking your P&L when you want. Let us worry about the whole headache of company administration while you get on with raising funds for your project. It is efficient, will save you lots of time and money, and help you make a great start launching your project!

When you apply to Hubconsult, you will be asked to apply and provide us with some more information about you and your business as part of our Know your Customer (KYC) and Due Diligence checks. We need to know we are working with genuine individuals and organisations. The Application Form may take you as little as 10 minutes.

When sufficient evidence is provided, your application is approved and you can get started. 

We are genuinely interested in supporting great causes and innovations. Hence, for particularly worthy causes which we think support communities, we will reduce our already low commission rates, or even eliminate them. 

Try before you buy - yes

Free trials - yes

Leave any time - yes

Check us out at and click the chat button if you have any questions!

Let Hubconsult be the company that powers your crowdfunding cause or project!

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