Survey of Post-COVID Development Needs: Public Bodies and NGOs

Survey of Post-COVID Development Needs: Public Bodies and NGOs

COVID is threatening survival in many transition and developing country communities.

My colleagues and I at Hubconsult have worked in many of these countries providing Technical Assistance to Governments and have worked extensively in the field. I know that many of us would like to help. 

One way we can do this is to link your needs and available sources of donor funding (both public donors and private philanthropists)

I've developed this tool to collect your emergency NEEDS in response to the COVID 19 Virus, with the aim of then MATCHING those needs with FUNDING or SUPPLIES. 

Post-COVID Development Needs: Public Bodies and NGOs

The intention is to capture better data on needs at LOCAL level through public bodies and NGOs. This will provide a helpful picture to planners such as WHO, Governments etc for targeting of emergency supplies and procurement to grassroots levels.

It is particularly designed with developing and transition countries in mind, but all responses are welcome.

Your needs may be SHORT, MEDIUM, and LONG TERM in nature. During COVID and your res

For example, 

SHORT TERM - Vital medicine 
MEDIUM TERM - lack of seeds to grow for next season
LONGER TERM -  lack of maintenance of water and sanitation

Your information will help us coordinate with private and public donors.   This tool is of course entirely FREE to use. 

Effective due diligence will help verify that 

- applicants are bona fide and have the trust of their community
- needs are assessed correctly
- mechanisms exist to ensure proper distribution of goods or services
- value for money is achieved by the local community before payment is made.

The Survey includes a series of questions about You, Your Location, Beneficiaries, and your Needs. 

I hope we can help you! If you would like to join our cause, and share this among other local communities, then please do!

Many thanks your support.

Nick Norvell

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